Post a New Order

1) Go to your Profile from the top navigation menu, and click the Dashboard link
2) Enter the customer mobile number (i.e. 9545551212), or email
3) Enter the order summary
4) Enter the total dollar amount to be charged to the customer’s card
5) Click Post Order. Allow a few minutes for the customer to receive the link to your payment portal
6) Once your customer makes the secure, remote payment, you are notified and can prepare the order for pickup
7) Order Status: Provide the estimated time and address where the order will be ready (for those merchants with multiple locations, specifying which location is key). If parking is tricky at your business, share parking info. Follow-up with order status updates such as ‘order is now ready for pickup’. Just go to’s chat and send us Order Updates there.

Once you’ve subscribed, what’s next? Activate your (QR) Checkouts Services

1) On your (QR) Checkouts Profile page, click the gear menu and select Edit Profile
2) Activation Code: In the Activation Code field, paste your PayPal Transaction ID found on the PayPal receipt from your Platform purchase. PayPal sends this to the email you shared with PayPal
3) API Key: Add your API key to complete your (QR) Checkouts activation
Copy your API key from your POS system, and paste into the API field. For Clover, see the latest instructions here. If you have a different point-of-sale system contact us at to get set up
4) Click the blue, Update Profile button